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3 Articles Christians Should Read About Abortion

3 Articles Christians Should Read About Abortion

The news of a possible Supreme Court ruling regarding abortion has sparked controversy and debate. Hell will break loose when Roe-v. Wade gets thrown out, which would be an incredible victory for those who want legal protection from bodily harm at any stage in pregnancy. No draft SCOTUS decisions have ever leaked out yet; it seems almost certain this was done by activists looking to intimidate or pressure five justices on behalf of their own political beliefs (perhaps even with violence). The aim of this action isn't just about politics but to also incite riots/ demonstrations designed specifically as tactics meant to further intimidate our political leaders.

I encourage you to give these 3 articles a read.

They're well worth the time.

5 Myths About SCOTUS and Abortion

Bill Muehlenberg debunks the current Leftwing talking points about abortion and arms you with the facts to counter the propaganda.

Christian Abortion: Sin or Not?

Pastor Rich Bitterman makes the case as to why abortion is a sin and why we must stand up for what is right.

Could Congress Ban Abortion Nationwide if Roe Gets Overruled?

The bottom line is that the current Supreme Court precedent likely would enable Congress to ban most, if not all abortions. This is because it has endorsed a broad reading of Congress's interstate commerce powers - but this might be pared back thanks largely due to Clarence Thomas' previous opposition to such an expansive view.


- Brad Dennis, Ph.D.

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